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Social Media Marketing Master Course – Syllabus

Facebook Organic

Facebook Account creation and Profile Lock
Securing Your Facebook account
Facebook Business Page Creation
Adding Info and User Name
Facebook Page Access Sharing – In Page
Customizing Action Button (CTA) on Facebook
Creating Your Post on Facebook
Posting a Story on Facebook
Understanding Facebook Events
Recommendations on Facebook
Connect Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp
Check Page Quality and Account Quality
Facebook Page Insights
Facebook Page – Deactivation, Reactivation and Deletion

Meta Business Manager

✅ Meta Business Manager Account Creation
✅ Connect Instagram Account with Meta Business Manager
✅ Meta Business Manager Basic setup
✅ Connecting WhatsApp Business with Meta Business Manager
✅ Add user to Meta Business Account
✅ Meta Pixel Creation, Setup and Verification
✅ Facebook Custom Audience with Pixel Website Visitors
✅ Facebook Custom Audience with Page Engagement
✅ Lookalike Audience Creation in Meta Business Manager
✅ Creating Saved Audience in Meta Business Manager

WhatsApp Business Account

✅ WhatsApp Business Account Creation and Profile setup
WhatsApp Business Basic Setup and Message Tools
WhatsApp Business Catalog Creation
WhatsApp Business Connect with Facebook and Instagram
How to Delete a Business WhatsApp Account

Meta Business Suite

Post Through Meta Business Suite
Story Through Meta Business suite
Reels Through Meta Business Suite
Inbox in Meta Business Suite
Meta Business Suite Insights

Instagram Organic

Creating Instagram Account and Switch to Professional Account
Setup 2-Factor Authentication for Instagram
Instagram Basic Business Settings
Instagram Professional Account Setup Steps
Instagram Post Sharing
Instagram Story Creation
Instagram Story Highlights
How to create Instagram Reels
How to Delete your Instagram Account

Meta Lead Generation Campaign

Meta Lead Ads – Instant Forms
Meta Lead Ads – Website
Meta Lead Ads – Facebook Messenger
Meta Lead Ads – Call
Meta Lead Ads – Instagram Messages
Meta Ads Preview Link and Simple Reports

Facebook and Instagram Post Boost

✅ Facebook Post and Boost
Instagram Post and Boost
Facebook Reels Boost
Instagram Reels Boost

Meta Sales Campaign

✅ Meta Website Traffic Sales Campaign
✅ Meta Sales Campaign With Messaging Apps
✅ Meta Sales Call Campaign

Meta Engagement Campaign

✅ Meta Messenger Apps Campaign
✅ Meta Video Engagement Campaign
✅ Meta Website Engagement Campaign
✅ Facebook Page Like Campaign

Meta Traffic Campaign

✅ Meta Website Traffic Ads
✅ Meta Traffic Ads – Instagram Profile
✅ Meta Traffic Ads – Messaging Apps
✅ Meta Call Ads

Meta Remarketing Campaign

✅ Target People Who Watched Your Videos
✅ Target People Who Visited Your Website
✅ Target People Who Engage With Your Lead Form
✅ Target People Who Engage With Your Facebook Page
✅ Target People Who Engage With Your Instagram Page
✅ Target People Using Customer List or Database

Meta Engagement Campaign

✅ Meta Messenger Apps Campaign
✅ Meta Video Engagement Campaign
✅ Meta Website Engagement Campaign
✅ Facebook Page Like Campaign
✅ Meta Call Campaign

Meta Awareness Campaign

✅ Meta Awareness ads