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What You Will Learn?

Google Analytics

✅ How to Create a Google Analytics account
✅ How to transfer your Universal Analytics into GA4 property
✅ How to Setup New GA4 for a Web/App
✅ GA4 Setup Assistant and Data Settings
✅ How to give access to team members
✅ How to create audience in GA4
✅ How to create events in GA4
✅ Conversion tracking in GA4
✅ Generate Leads view in GA4
✅ Drive online sales view in GA4
✅ Raise brand Awareness and examine user behaviour
User attributes
✅ Advertising View

Google My Business

✅ Google My Business Setup
✅ How to Create GMB Post
✅ Review QR Code and URL
✅ Dispute Management
✅ Respond to Review
✅ How to Manage Inights in GMB
✅ How to Give Access, Create Group, Import Business

Cross Linking

✅ Google Ads and GMB Linking
✅ Google ads and Analytics Linking
✅ Search console and analytics link

Google Search Console

Search console introduction and how to login to dashboard
Site ownership verification
Sitemap submission in search console
How to give access to team members
Dashboard overview and Performance Report
URL Inspection Tool
Search console page, video page index and removals
Security issues in Search console
Search console enhancements
About manual actions and links in search console
Page Experience in Search console
Export search console data to spreedsheet

Google Tag Manager

How to login and create account
How to setup and install tags
How to give access to team members

YouTube Organic

✅ YouTube Channel Creation
✅ How to Publish your First Video
✅ How to Create Youtube Shorts
✅ How to Give Access to your Youtube Channel
✅ How to Manage your Channel Insights
✅ About Live Youtube Video