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Google Ads Master Course – Syllabus

Google Ads Overview

✅ Creating a Google Account
Creating Google Ad Account
Creating Google Ad Manager Account
Adding members and Securing your Google ad account
Google Ads Terminology
How Paid Search Works
Delivery Method

Search Campaign

✅ Search Ads Using Sales Objective
✅ Search Ads Using Leads Objective
✅ Search Ads Using Website Traffic Objective
✅ Search Ads without Goal Guidance
✅ Bidding Strategy

Video Campaign

✅ Video Ads using Sales Objective
✅ Video Ads using Leads Objective
✅ Video ads using Website Traffic Objective
✅ Video ads using product and brand consideration Objective
✅ Bidding Strategy

Discovery Campaign

✅ Discovery ads using Sales Objective
✅ Discovery ads using Leads Objective
✅ Discovery ads using Website Traffic Objective
✅ Discovery ads without Goal Guidance
✅ Bidding Strategy

Other General Campaign

✅ How to create Google Shopping Campaign
✅ How to create Google App Campaign
✅ How to create Google ads smart campaign
✅ How to create Google Remarketing Ads
✅ How to Create an Ad Asserts

Introduction to Conversion Tracking

✅ Google Ads and Analytics Link
✅ Website Conversion Tracking
✅ Phone Call Conversion Tracking
✅ Import – Google Analytics
✅ App Conversion Tracking
✅ Offline Conversions
✅ Analyzing Conversion Reports
✅ ROI Calculation

Landing Pages

Landing Page Use Cases
Types of Landing Pages

Google Ads Auction

✅ What is Ads Auction
✅ Improving Ad Relevance
✅ Improving Landing Page Experience
✅ Improving the CTR
✅ What is Actual CPC?
✅ How QS affects the Cost?
✅ Types of CPC’s
✅ Auction Insights Tool

AD Rank and Quality Score

What is Quality Score?
How Quality Score Affects Your Campaigns Quality Score Factors
Understanding the Ads Auction
What is Ad Rank?
How Ad Rank Works

About Keywords

Keyword Research (Keyword Planner)
Keyword Match Type
Negative Keyword List
Search Term
Different Types of Keywords
How to Choose the Right Keywords to Target

Display Campaign

Display Ads using Sales Objective
Display Ads using Leads Objective
Display Ads using Website Traffic Objective
Display Ads using Brand Awareness and Reach Objective
Display Ads without Goal Guidance
Bidding Strategy

Video - Brand Awarness and Reach Objective

Video Ad – Brand Awareness
Effective Reach
Non-Skippable In-stream
Target Frequency
Video – Ad Sequence
Video – Audio
Bidding Strategy

Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max using Sales Objective
Performance Max using Leads Objective
Performance Max using Website Traffic Objective
Performance Max without Goal Guidance
Bidding Strategy

Introduction to Extensions

Sitelink Extension
Call Extension
Callout Extension
Structured Snippet Extension
Price Extension
Promotions Extension
Lead Form Extension
App Extension
Ad Policies to Comply With Ad Extensions

Remarketing Campaigns

Audience Manager
Remarketing Campaign Creation
YouTube Remarketing
Customer List
Custom Combinations
Website audience
App Audience
Common troubleshooting issues

Campaign Report Analysis

✅ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
✅ Different Levels of Data Analysis
✅ Segmenting Data
✅ Filtering Data
✅ Column Customization
✅ Search Terms Report
✅ Auction Insights Report
✅ Keyword Reports
✅ Automated Rules
✅ Dimensions Report